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    • How do I know if I will qualify for a mortgage?

      The answer is simple, contact us and we will tell you! The longer answer is, there are a few important criteria that each lender considers when deciding if you qualify for a mortgage or a loan. What makes it difficult is that these criteria vary from one lender to another. Because we deal with over 50 different lenders, we are familiar with the criteria each different lender has and we can approach the lenders that best fit your unique situation. To get a quick idea of some of the basic criteria, feel free to visit our page on this website that gives a brief description of these criteria. For a professional opinion on your needs and qualifying please give us a call. 

    • Should I get pre-approved if I am buying a home?

      It is a good idea to know how much you can afford before you put an offer on a property. You should to talk to a mortgage professional to determine if there are any potential issues with your credit score, income amount and downpayment as well as the type of mortgage or rate you would qualify for. In addition, it will give you a fair idea of the maximum amount of the mortgage you qualify for as well as the monthly payments. This can also be useful in negotiating for a better deal during real estate purchase negotiations because you may be able to remove the financing clause and therefore have an upper hand over any competing offers or at the very least provide additional confidence to the seller that you have the ability to close on th purchase.

    • What is the lowest down payment for a mortgage?

      Although there were times in the past when 0% down payment mortgage were common, currently, you will require at least 5% of the purchase price for a down payment. This downpayment can come from a variety of sources such as your own savings, in form of a gift, your RRSP's etc. 

    • Variable vs. Fixed mortgage?

      Although historically, the variable rates have outperformed the fixed mortgage rates, borrowers may choose a fixed rate option as a way to have a fixed monthly payment amount and the security against market rates fluctuations. Both fixed and variable mortgage rate options have their own advantages and disadvantages and the choice will depend on your lifestyle and risk level. It is advisable to consult a mortgage professional for advice before selecting the type of rate for your mortgage

    • Can I get a mortgage if I have a low credit score?

      We work with over 50 lenders, some of which are "b" lenders and private lenders whose criteria and final approval decision is not always based on the credit score alone. In fact, most lenders will look at your entire situation before they make a final decision. We take gat care to present your unique situation to our lenders so that they can understand your other financial strengths.

    • Are there any other costs when I purchase a home in addition to the down payment?

      Yes, you will require on average between 1%-2% of the purchase price of rt. closing costs, such as legal fees, property tax, etc. You will also have additional soft costs such as movers, time off work, etc. Make sure you take all these into consideration when you are budgeting for a purchase of a home.