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    "What better reason can you have if you are choosing someone to do something for you at all. Especially, if you are faced with a dilemma of selecting someone who will be tasked with looking after your financial undertaking. I believe you should pick someone who will care enough to understand your current situation, your needs and your goals that this is meant to accomplish. Would you not choose someone who will fight for you and represent you in the best light in front of the myriad of lenders? Someone who will put your well being and your pocket before their own?  Someone who will guide you towards the right decision and look after every single step of the process of getting that mortgage or loan that you may desperately need? Or simply someone who is an expert and will find  the best product among the hundreds of those "We offer the best rate" lines you hear every day (they can't all be the best)! I take great pride in looking after my client's present and future needs and ensure that whether your situation is desperate or ideal, you will have a committed, dedicated, experienced and above all, caring person, on your side.

    Still in doubt?

    Why don't you give me a quick call, and I will be glad to tell you how I can help you. I assure you, you will be making the right decision!"

    Susie Koturic


  • About Susie Koturic

    Susie Koturic is an expert mortgage broker operating under the umbrella of Dominion Lending Centres Mortgage Village in Mississauga, Ont. From her office, she daily helps clients in Toronto and its greater surroundings from Stoney Creek To Oshawa and from Toronto to Barrie. Her history of exceptional achievement in the financial field can be traced all the way back to the beginning of her career in the financial industry. From the very start, Susie understood that success in any field is a direct result of undivided commitment to those you serve, your customers. In addition to commitment, Susie is an expert mortgage broker and deals on a daily basis with variety of financial situations from the simple mortgage loans to the toughest "slow credit" cases. Her commitment to her clients is her most outstanding quality that has earned her the reputation that she holds today and her client testimonials prove that on ongoing basis.